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An English county, village boy from a middle class hard working family.

Did not go to school or college after age 15 , dyslexic at the time when people didn’t even know what dyslexia was and was punished, ridiculed all his student life, except for sports. Captain of Rugby, football and cricket team in school but broke his knee and could not continue in sport. Utter unfortunate guy, isn’t it? If he would have listened to us.

Started ‘students’ Magazine scrapped for two year to just keep ends meet. Founded Virgin records a blockbuster in every sense, brought an island when he had no money to pay. Started virgin airlines with just one rental airplane, Later went on to become chairman of virgin group, at age 66,now as on 2015 has 10000 employees over 200 companies in 10 countries.

More than that, Sir Richard Branson , awarded knighthood , Friend of the Britain Royal family and many royalties, world leaders across the world, is a silent philanthropist.

His journey from a literally teenage hippy to one of world’s most respected person is nothing but staggering and inspiring. The book is written in simple chronology and with minute details especially of failures and misdeeds he did, in fact , it’s more real than any other life story I have read before.

I would sum up Sir Richard Branson as a –“ HE BELIVED HE COULD DO IT AND THEN HE DID IT” it is that simple ,though the road to it wasn’t easy neither even, now . To understand his influence I can say even Steve jobs, had given Richard Branson’s examples during many of his staff and product meetings.

Once you read it you will certainly, lose your virginity and will agree that it’s really easy to achieve what you want to, only if you set biggest possible goal.

He takes you to peak of reality and hits you with dream.

Same as he dose to himself and his business every single time.

Being an entrepreneur myself and worshiper of creating new things I would recommend this book as a permanent and prominent part of your library and life.

For the first time though I cannot quote portions from the book and if you read it you will know why?

After reading this book, I stopped buying fiction. Facts are more fictional!

“If your dream doesn’t scare you, your dream is not big enough!” Richard Branson

After reading this book I stopped buying fiction. Facts are more fictional!